Buhaira Consultoría e Inversiones

Madrid - Seville

Real Estate Investment in Madrid and Seville

Buhaira Consulting and Investments is a firm specialized in brokering the purchase and sale of unique properties, country estates and real estate investment in Madrid, Seville and the South of Spain in general, offering a discreet and professional service to our buyer and seller clients.

Real Estate Assets

Large buildings for hotel use, housing development and other tertiary uses.s terciarios.

Country Estates, Haciendas and Hunting Reserves

Country estates, centuries-old country houses, farms in production and large hunting reserves.

Exclusive Homes

From penthouses and unique houses in the center of the town to chalets and villas in the best residential areas.

Business areas

Buhaira Consulting

Real estate assets and unique homes.

Fincas Rústicas Buhaira

Haciendas, country estates, dehesas and hunting reserves.


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Velázquez 10, 1º Planta, 28001 Madrid, Spain


+34 911 080 435


Paseo de las Delicias 1, 5º, 41001 Seville, Spain


+34 954 56 29 39